La Sagesse,
tremplin vers
la Liberté

Through wisdom, liberty

Teachers, administrators, parents, and other community members will work together to create lifelong learners and accountable citizens who rise to meet challenges and strive to give back to their communities. 

--- Brian Zager, Principal

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Tues. May 3rd
6:00 - 7:00 PM


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We would love to have a way to reach out to you and let you know about important news, events, and information from the PTA. Every parent is an important and we would love to have your information to contact you! If you would like to be on our contact list, and you haven't completed the orange paper version, please complete the google form below. Submission of this form will help us reach out to you and grow our PTA family and support our students and our community! Click the link below to complete!

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Click Below to watch our First Student Performance: 
A Night of Piano!

Congratulations to Our Student Top Chef Winner: Evan Tesdell-
8th grade


Career Day 4/14

Spring Break

April 15th-24th


April 26th-27

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can students speak to their teachers face-to face?

Students can see teachers for their core classes every single day during live sessions. For each period, there is a 20-minute live session when students can log on, see their teachers and classmates, and discuss the day's lesson. Students are also welcome to reach out to teachers directly during the new STUDY HALL period, Monday - Thursday mornings from 8:40 - 9:10 am. Simply join the link for your teacher's study hall (posted on their google classroom page) and get some extra help with your school work. 

​How can parents see what students need to do each day?

In your student's google classroom page, there is a tool called "To Do" - it compiles all the assignments that are due in each class as a to-do list. We suggest checking in with your student at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon to to see the assignments they have due for the day.

Can students have live stream lessons so that they can interact with their friends and their teachers?

Yes -- all core classes have live-streamed lessons via Google Meet for their core classes. Consult the daily schedule for your student to see when each class meets in a live session. 

Sometimes my student submits work, but it is later marked as missing. Why is this happening?

If a teacher returns work to a student without a grade and the student does not resubmit by the marked deadline, the work will be marked as missing. Usually, teachers do this if work is incomplete or done incorrectly, and the teacher will leave comments on the assignment indicating why it has been returned. This is done with the intention of giving students opportunities to improve and complete their work before a final grade is assigned. 

My student feels overloaded with the number of assignments - can we have more time to complete them, or fewer assignments?

For all assignments, students have at least a 24 hour time period to complete any assigned work. If your student is struggling with time management and needs some additional guidance from teachers, we strongly recommend that students attend the new Study Hall period for additional guidance with their coursework.

We're having some technical difficulties opening up some of the documents that are attached as classwork.

Again, we thank you for your patience as we all adjust to online learning. We have since ensured that teachers are posting work as google docs and google slides, which can be edited easily by students, rather than word documents that must be downloaded and uploaded.