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Our mission

With the support of a nurturing and collaborative community, our students will engage in a stimulating and rigorous academic curriculum that celebrates the diversity of their languages, cultures, and learning styles. Teachers, administrators, parents, and other community members will work together to create lifelong learners and accountable citizens who rise to meet challenges and strive to give back to their communities.

Our vision

Lafayette academy’s vision is build a diverse, united, and nurturing community on the pillars of knowledge, experience, and good judgment. We will pursue academic challenges with a standard of excellence in order to prepare our students for their futures as lifelong learners and global leaders

Meet our Front Office

Mr. Zager

Our fearless leader! Always accessible, and always making a short story long.



Mrs. Fikaris

Mother to all and keeper of the numbers

Parent Coordinator


Mr. Mota

Supply room expert and master of attendance folders

Office Aide


Ms. Fazekas

Has years of special education leadership and experience inside and outside of the classroom. She is an avid sports and fitness enthusiast who will always lend a helping hand to anyone in the school community.

Assistant Principal

Ms. Elena

Ms. Elena is the payroll superhero who keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes.

School Secretary

Meet our Teachers

Ms. Camilo

Ms. Camilo is a Dominican-American lover of books, travel, avocados, coconut water, and dark chocolate with sea salt.


Mr. Mulligan


Mr. Mulligan enjoys playing and watching sports. He also loves teaching and spreading the value of exercise, sports, and a healthy lifestyle to his students. 

Physical Education

Mme Leboeuf

"De la musique avant toute chose...Et tout le reste est littérature." P.V.

French Language Arts

Ms. McBreen

Yellow Water Lily

Ms. McBreen is a jack of all trades and master of making sure our testing schedules are always on point.



Ms. Nickerson

Ms. Nickerson has had an exciting and varied career and brings all her past experience to her exciting and enthusiastic teaching practice.

Dual Language Social Studies

Ms. Calogero


Ms. Calogero comes to us with years of experience and a passion for science, dedication to scientific investigation and real world experience and application.


Ms. Soto

Ms. Soto shares her amazing social studies teaching, years of experience, and great taste in throwback music with the Lafayette community.

Social Studies

Mr. McGuinness


Mr. McGuinness is a Political Science and History junkie, who has prior experience working for City Council Member Mark Levine, and is here to help ensure that all students are on a level playing field. 

Special Education

Ms. Lecce


Ms. Lecce is a beach lover and a huge skier during the winter. Loves to learn and explore new things. Has a big heart and smile!

Special Education 

Mr. Lanvin

You can always count on this proud USC alumnus to bring a cheery disposition and love of math to the classroom.


Mr. MacCulloch

Among the Lafayette Academy staff, Mr. Mac is unparalleled in his amazing jokes and innovative teaching style.


Mr. McKanstry

Jameel McKanstry is a dynamic music teacher who works with the school’s chorus and musical. Mr. McKanstry is entering his 4th year at Lafayette Academy and his 8th year teaching.

Music: all classes

Ms. Hecksher


Ms. Hecksher is a baking aficionado, lover of architecture, and avid reader who motivates her students to connect their learning from the classroom to the real world. 

Special Education

Ms. Tietjen

me portfolio.jpg

Ms. Tietjen is an expert traveler who loves her adventures! She looks forward to making each and every day an adventure for our students to experience in with her!

Special Education

Ms. Turan

Ms. Turan loves math almost as much as she loves her students (which, to be clear, is a lot!)






Meet our Guidance and Support Staff

Mr. West

Mr. West wears all the hats - dean of students, basketball coach, soccer coach, proud dad, and all around go-to guy. 


Mr. Greenfield

Mr. Greenfield works closely with students to make sure that their social and emotional health and high school admissions are taken care of.

Guidance Counselor

Image by Alice Butenko

Ms. Turk

Ms. Turk is a yoga and meditation enthusiast! Nothing starts the day off right like an ice cold shower to keep Ms. Turk's dynamic therapy sessions focused and attentive to the varying needs of her students.

Speech and language provider


Yael Barak

Yael is our RAPP coordinator who sees students for counseling and provides psychoeducational workshops on healthy relationships. RAPP is a program that supports and empowers young people to engage in healthy relationships and is part of a larger organization called the Urban Resource Institute. To hear more about RAPP contact her at 

RAPP Coordinator

Ms. Rivera

Ms. Rivera cultivates relationships with students and helps push them academically to where they need to be


Ms. Finkel

Ms. Finkel is our resident expert listener, student-led conference mastermind, and high school application guru.

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Roman

Diana Roman, LCSW is in the building every day except Wednesdays. She supports students' emotional/social needs and helps parents through the Special Education process. Contact her at or (212) 531-7314

Social Worker

Mr. Rease

Mr. Rease is one of our fantastic counselors and loves to help students. 

SAPIS Counselor

Ms. Rosa

Ms. Rosa is an expert explainer and helps meet student needs every day


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